Whatever function you are seeking to satisfy, whatever space is available, size or shape, we have the solution. Timber Garden Retreats build to meet your own personal needs, with beautiful bespoke creations that will sit well in your own environment, providing decades of worry-free service.

As individual as you are…

Tailored to Fit

Suits you sir!

Modelled to fit the slightly sloping ground and stained to make a dramatic garden feature.

Built September 2020

Perfect Garden Office

Treatment Room Perhaps?

This attractive garden feature has contrasting white timber and natural decking presenting a gentle elegance.

Built August 2020

Retreat to the Garden

Space to relax in comfort.

You don’t have to travel far to get away from home with all the comforts of home… when you are “at home”.

Built June 2020

Getting In Touch

To know more about our Timber Garden Retreats or to arrange a visit to discuss your vision, just fill in the reply form here and we will be delighted to get back to you.