Health Benefits

Regular sauna bathing has the potential to provide many beneficial health effects, especially for those with cardiovascular-related & rheumatological disorders.

It also is of benefit to athletes seeking improved exercise performance. The mechanisms for these effects may include increased bioavailability of nitric oxide to the body’s vascular endothelium.

There is evidence that heat shock protein-mediated metabolic activation occurs,  creating immune and hormonal pathway alterations.

Sauna bathing enhances excretions of toxicants through increased sweating, and other hormetic stress responses.

Eight benefits of Sauna Bathing

1. Saunas flush toxins.
One of the ways the human body removes toxins from the body is through sweat.

Sweating is very effective in removing toxins from the body that may have been absorbed by diet or environmental pathogens.

2. Saunas make the immune system stronger.
A major benefits of sauna is that it helps to create a stronger immune system. White blood cells help fight against attacking infections and ailments.

Regular users of sauna have been shown to have higher count of white blood cells. Enabling users stay healthier, and should illnesses occur, heal faster.

3. Saunas help you look younger.
As we grow age, more dead cells accumulate onto our skin pores and our skin loses elasticity. Sauna improves blood flow to our skin tissue, aiding in the growth of new skin and removing dead and damaged cells.

Natural oils, which are  present in our skin are mobilized through saunas and soften skin enabling it to stay younger.

4. Saunas help in weight loss.
Sauna therapy is a great way to lose weight with minimal effort. During a sauna bath, the heart rate increases substantially due to the creation of dry heat.

Scientific tests indicate that a 20-minute session at around 75 degrees Celsius burns over 500 calories. The body’s metabolism speeding up in a similar way as when carrying on physical exercise.

5. Saunas promote social interaction.

Saunas provide a great medium for social interaction among friends and relatives, if you or you acquaintances.

Regular users declare that it encourages a more relaxed, less inhibited, relationship with others.

6. Saunas help improve performance during endurance sports.
Saunas increases the body’s heat tolerance threshold, leading to significant improvements in endurance sports. Users are slower to experience fatigue and can maintain energy levels over longer periods, thus improving overall performance.

7. Saunas help to recover from workouts.

Metabolic wastes are eliminated as our bodies release sweat in a sauna. Blood flow to tired and strained muscles increases, helping them to recover faster and reach a relaxed state more quickly.

8. Saunas promote the growth of healthy hair.
Sebaceous glands on our scalp, release compounds that help condition and moisturize our hair. Spending some time in the sauna activates this gland, releasing these useful compounds and helping to make hair healthier.


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